Telephone dating is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to meet new people. It is tipped that telephone dating, especially via cell phones, will one day be more popular than online dating services. There are heaps of phone dating services available and they will help you contact other singles in your local area. More and more phone dating businesses are being started everyday to tap into the booming market. Many of these services have hundreds of thousands of members nationwide. Some of these services make use of Bluetooth technology on your cell phone to let you know when you are in close proximity to other singles in your area. This article will discuss the following types of phone dating; free telephone chat lines, free trial phone chat and free party lines.

Free Telephone Chat Lines

Chat lines are a popular choice for those who want to start phone dating. Basically, you call the phone dating service and they put in contact with other singles in your area. Some telephone chat line services simply register your details and call you back when there are other singles in the area looking for someone to chat with. Most people find this method of dating easy and fun, which is why it is tipped to be more popular than online dating in the not too distant future. The best part about telephone chat lines is that you only ever chat to singles that actually live close to you. Instead of looking through thousands of profiles on online dating sites, you can let the phone dating service do the hard work and simply put you in contact with other singles in your area.

It is not easy to find free telephone chat lines and there will always be some cost when you call a telephone chat line (even if it is just the call connection cost charged by your telephone company). If you are looking for free telephone chat lines you should consider the phone dating services that offer free trials.

Free Trial Phone Chat

Services that offer free trials are great as you can check out the service to ensure that they are legitimate before you fully sign up for them. Many of these services will require you to give your credit card details upfront so that they can confirm that you are over eighteen. If you decide to join the service as a paying member, most free trial phone chat services will protect your privacy and bill you under an anonymous name. Try to find the free trial phone chat services that offer a trial for at least one week so you can fully determine whether the service is fully legitimate. Many phone dating services that offer free trials allow you to apply online. You can simply enter your phone and credit card details via a secure website and you will receive a call from the company, or from other singles in your area, within minutes. Free trial phone chat is one of the best options available for those wanting to get into phone dating.

Free Party Lines

It is impossible to find totally free party lines. Some party line services do not charge monthly fees but you will have to pay extra money to call the party line. Most of these services, however, require you to pay a recurring fee to use their service. Most of these services are very expensive. However, it is possible to find party lines that offer free trials. Often, you will get a certain amount of time connected to the party line before you will have to pay. Most of these services require you to give your credit card details upfront so that they can check that you are over the age of eighteen.